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Thread: Anyone with HD5870 or HD5850 using recent opensource driver and kernel?

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    Quote Originally Posted by crazycheese View Post
    So, the conclusion so far:
    - VLIW5 is less efficient and more complex than VLIW4.
    ...unless it comes to computations. You see, with proprietary catalyst driver VLIW5 beats VLIW4 on massively parallel computations. In fact it's quite hard to buy HD5xxx cards these days, even used ones. Most of medium and top range cards were bought by those who are doing high-performance computing for fun and profit.

    So as for me it looks like compiler issue rather than anything else. In fact, VLIW4 seems to be lite version of VLIW5. AMD just saved some bucks on making smaller cheaper ICs and selling them as "new", "improved" thingies. Sure, they improved TDP. At cost of computations speed . Yet selling cards of same class under same price. Epic marketing win (for AMD).
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