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    Obsidian started a KickStarter project on a isometric old-tyle RPG. Obsidian is composed by people that made the history of RPGs with the Planescape: Torment masterpiece, the Baldur's Gate saga and many other titles. No need to add other informations I think.
    If they reach 2.2M they will support Linux. Right now the project is 1.2M, after just 24 hours, so I think we can make it . Thank you for reading, here the link:

    Obsidian Project Eternity

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    Pinging this one. Got some friends at Obsidian who sure would love to see more support for this project.

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    Checked an hour ago and they had 1.7 under the belt and still 26 days left. Seems that we will have Onyx engine running under linux.

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