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They are probably trolling. They cant be that stupid.
I should add that I'm an E17 user for many years, and also compile it from scratch, by hand, from SVN. When I say "by hand", I mean resolving library dependencies, generating the makefile, doing a make, fixing any compilation issues, and finishing off with the old make install. This is done for about a dozen different EFL components, as well as the window manager and various E utilities.

I love the E17 system and how configurable it is. I can also laugh at some of the basic functionality it still introduces after all these years. It's pretty amusing, after all. I still wouldn't use any other window manager. Suits me to a tee.

Mind you, I'm not much of a DnD type user myself. I've even turned off the EFM module on my system. Much prefer the command line for file manipulation and option setting.

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I hope it will be mature enough once its released in order to replace gnome. Apart from the bug fixing it needs some integration work and a few apps here and there but that will come once people start using it i believe.
I wouldn't really describe E17 as a replacement for Gnome. They both have their place, and they both suit different types of users. E17 applications are loosely integrated, and will likely always be. It's not designed for a tight user experience. It is designed to be damn near tweakable to the umteenth level. It's certainly usable, and the distro releases are quite bug free, so there's no reason not to jump in now and try it out. You can even run the Gnome session manager and Gnome panel on top of it, if you want that familiar feel.