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Essentially the manufacturer involved was violating the GPL, so they were pressing this issue with said manufacturer. The manufacturer relented eventually but then decided to try to force different hardware on them and then renegaded on the deal entirely.
I'm in China right now, and I'll tell you that a lot of the problem with hardware manufacturers right now is that a lot of their "driver code" is already stolen from another corporation or open source drivers and they don't want anybody to know because they're terrified of the punishment that the Chinese government would deal out. So if they "open source" their code, their company will likely get sued and/or shut down by another company and/or the Chinese government instantly which would put them out of business. So a lot of Chinese companies think it's "not smart" to be open sourcing their hardware code because they know that 90% of it is already stolen without permission, and they stole it from major corporations by having somebody on the inside of the mega corporation sending source code "under the table" or by hacking attacks against major corporations.

I don't think there's a whole lot to be gained from having an "open platform" based on Chinese designed hardware, chances are if they gave you the code under an "open source" license, you'll have a mega corporation knocking on your door demanding to know how the hell you got your hands on *THEIR* proprietary source code.

Very few hardware manufacturers here have their own original source code to go with their hardware, and the ones that do are all based in Taiwan instead of Mainland China.

Just my 2 cents, but I think expecting an entirely open platform for a tablet right now is a bit too high of a bar. They should just focus on getting a Plasma Active tablet out the door and then later focus more on "open platform".