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Thread: Humble Indie Bundle 6

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    No fullscreen is an issue with Unity and compiz...

    I use Xubuntu and it gets fullscreen without issues.

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    well, its published in the ubuntu software center, so i expect it to work on unity.
    canonical needs to enforce stronger rules, when publishing software.

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    Not sure if anyone is interested however I got impatient and sent a line to HiB about Torchlight and Vessel here is the response I got.

    "We apologize about the delay! Both of these games are actively being worked on. The major issues with Torchlight are known and being currently being addressed. The team is still beta testing the new build for Torchlight to make sure they have hammered out all the problems.

    Vessel has hit a few snags, and the porting process has proven to be much more troublesome than anticipated. However we are hoping to have it ready very soon! I have added your email to a list to be notified as soon as it becomes available!

    Please follow our support Twitter @humblesupport! We will post any new updates about the games there!

    Thank you for your support and patience!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by nightmarex View Post
    Not sure if anyone is interested however I got impatient and sent a line to HiB about Torchlight and Vessel <snip>
    What are your issues with Torchlight? Have you tried the 2012-09-26 build? It seems to work pretty well for me, apart from the missing faces problem of course.

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    I send an e-mail and get a response yesterday:
    Quote Originally Posted by Humble Bundle support
    Unfortunately, we donít have an updated ETA for the torchlight bug, however, the porter is aware of it and is currently working on a fix. Weíll notify you via this email address once Vessel is ready.

    Iím so sorry about the inconvenience!

    Thank you for your support,
    The bug humble bundle support is talking about is the no-head bug.

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