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Hi Tim,

welcome on board!

Is there anything you want to share with us concerning your vision on the AMD open source strategy?
Earlier in the thread, John described some of the behind the scenes work of the last year. My initial goal is to get that released and to continue with our efforts to have launch-time open source support.

As for a longer term vision, I think our Executive Team has outlined a strategy that requires more and better Linux and open source support. Technologies like HSA and markets like cloud and embedded can all benefit from open source so our work supports that vision.

On a personal note, I'm a Linux head. I've been running and developing on Linux since 1993. Prior to joining AMD, I worked as an independent Linux consultant in the mid '90s and, in 1998, co-founded a well known Linux consulting company based in Toronto. For a time, I was active in TLUG (Toronto Linux Users Group) and CLUE (Canadian Linux Users Exchange). The company I co-founded was instrumental in the creation of LPI and I was one of the first, perhaps the first, LPIC-2's in Canada. I'm posting this from Firefox running on Ubuntu 12.04 (with XFCE), I have an Android phone, and I avoid running Windows because it just gets in my way. All that is to say that I consider myself a strong Linux and open source advocate with a good understanding of why businesses and individuals choose Linux and open source. While I'm not in position to define AMD's strategy, I do what I can to ensure that Linux and open source are given proper consideration.