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yes because of that it is not included by the default because today nobody uses mpeg2 anymore... yes there are always some special cases... but its retarded, and even if somebody uses that, the copression of that format is so bad that each retarded netbook can ecode that crap with 10-20% cpu load.
. Perhaps more users should ask their respective distro's package managers to have them included, like I did -- that resulted in the state trackers being made available for openSUSE 12.2, but just not installed by default ... they are also available from factory and the xorg repos.

As for mpeg2 not being used any more or for its decode being a cakewalk, I explained in that original message "While MPEG2 decode support might seem rather pedestrian to some, it is beneficial to many others (Example: the ATSC digital TV system uses MPEG2 formatting for channels streams). In addition, users of hardware supported by the r300g and nouveau drivers would also be able to make use of the state trackers." ... plus the obvious benefit to low power but anaemic CPU or embedded devices which happen to have a decent GPU (and which may be supported by a respective OSS driver)