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Sounds like a memory issue to me too. I would tend to say its a memory leak somewhere.

Try this: switch to tty1. Login. Launch htop, note memory and swap usage and go away. When you return, check memory and swap usage.
Also check for HDD activity. Perhaps cirtain components were removed from memory as not needed anymore, due to not being adressed. If you claim its CPU, the memory load should be same and hdd should not be accessed intensively while you login back.

I did the test for well over an hour and their wasn't a serious change in swap/memory usuage. When I think about it Ubuntu 12.04 got really slow after my UFEI auto "overclocked for optimal performance" (Asus MA97 Motherboard). Is there a possible error with the cpu freq settings? If so how can I find out, and how do I fix it. I've noticed it still says 3.6GHZ despite the fact it's at 4.2ghz. (I tested with default 3.6ghz, but it's still slow.)

Current hardware:

Nvidia Geforce GTX 550 ti (Gigabyte)
Asus MA97 (Standard) motherboard
4GB Jigsaw Ram
Thermaltake 750W power supply.
Blue Scorpio 500GB HDD 5400/Intel 30gb SSD
Rosewell Wireless PCI
AMD FX 4100 Quad Core Processor @3.6GHZ/4.2
Ubuntu 12.04/12.10