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He's referring to your comment about how some "McDonald's" languages aren't good for security because they're easy to decompile and hard to obfuscate. His point was that open source software does not make it hard for you to decompile it, since you have the actual source code; no need to decompile it. For the same reason, hard to obfuscate isn't an issue for open software, because obfuscating it makes no sense.
mmm i didn't interpreted that way but since english is not my main language i can be wrong hence if this is what he meant then my bad and sorry for not reading properly your post.

in the case of decompile/obfuscation i meant more to the security implications of IR/VM level code injection than code availability compared to a full compiled binary that need to be replaced entirely[especially if you md5 check your binary at start or have security systems like selinux or apparmor]. Ofc there are many hack techniques, just saying with this languages is bit easier to execute malicious code at runtime