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Does DFI however acknoledge and support linux?

This is somewhat important to me, as I like to back a company, that backs me.

I used to know DFI as the 'budget' mobos. Then they had a few OC/fast mobos. What I really care most about is stability. Stability is number one. OCing and such is a close second, but stability is first. Price i suppose as the usual 3rd option comes last . But all these points don't matter if there isn't any official GNU/Linux / OSS support.
DFI has supported Phoronix in the past, but I will say that there motherboards aren't engineered perfectly. Back with one of their Grantsdale LANParty UT motherboards that had some wacky issues with Fedora Core (hmm, at that time it must have been Core 3 or Core 4). The DFI nForce 4 boards were very popular, and I had only run into a few peculiar issues with them. I or anyone else involved with Phoronix haven't yet gotten around to trying any of DFI's new Intel or AMD motherboards.