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Thread: KDE 4.9 increases boot speed

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    Default KDE 4.9 increases boot speed

    By a good 5-10 seconds. I didn't time it, but I don't see how anybody could miss it.

    Just to be clear, boot time to me isn't power button to login screen. That's useless.

    I'm talking about auto login. So power button to a usable desktop. Power button to being able to launch Firefox or any other application.

    To the KDE devs, thank you. I know that Martin Graesslin made this a personal priority:

    Success. Even though it doesn't benchmark differently:

    It just feels faster. It's faster everywhere.

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    I want my Solaris v5.x boot times back, where you switch the machine on, and then go to get some coffee while waiting for it to finish booting ;-)

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    KDE 4.9 on an old athlon xp 1.5ghz laptop brings the boot speed down below 30 seconds.

    Its impressive what's been done here.

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