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Thread: Reiser4 File-System Comes To Linux 3.5 Kernel

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    True, but just like about one person in the world understands RCU, we don't exactly have a surplus of COW-filesystem devs

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    I'm sure it's a killer FS!
    just don't get it if you have a wife or significant other.

    "If he couldn't be bothered to clean up blood from his car and to get rid of his books on homicide, how the hell can we trust this guy to free memory on the heap?" -- ez76 (Slashdot)

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    Default change the name

    Name changes are no big deal.

    SunOS => Solaris

    Ultrix => Digital Unix => OSF/1 => Tru64

    Iris GL => OpenGL

    Yellow Pages => NIS

    RedHat => Fedora

    Metro => ???

    "Name changes are HARD"??? HUH??

    Yeah because sed "s/reiserfs/loserfs/g" is just TOO HARD. After all we are COMPUTER PEOPLE.

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    How is the stability of reiser4 on 3.5? I tried it some time ago on a 2.6 kernel, I think 2.6.<twenty something>, on a reformat of my home partition and the filesystem got corrupted after only about 5 minutes of normal usage.

    BTW, all of you that say this filesystem shouldn't be used because one of the developers murdered his wife, what about Einstein that came up with the physics behind the atomic bomb? I guess we should throw away every piece of knowledge that Einstein brought to physics, and everything the has been built upon that. I am in no way defending what Hans Reiser did. For murdering his wife, he should spend his remaining years in prison. With that said, though, sometimes good people do bad things and sometimes bad people do good things. Perhaps Hans Reiser is/was a generally good person that did a bad thing, or perhaps he is a bad person that did a good thing producing reiserfs. Either way, reiserfs/reiser4 is a good filesystem with good code. Why not use it?

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