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Thread: Sun Microsystems To Acquire MySQL AB

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    Default Sun Microsystems To Acquire MySQL AB

    Phoronix: Sun Microsystems To Acquire MySQL AB

    If you were hoping to get in on the expected initial public offering (IPO) of MySQL AB, nice try but you're now out of luck. Sun Microsystems has today announced that they will be acquiring MySQL AB, the company behind the open-source MySQL database software...

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    Most importantly, will MySQL remain open source? By that I mean in the same way it has been up until today.

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    This seems really odd to me because they have for years funded development of postgresql

    I wounder what it means for postgresql, maybe more sharing of technology. I don't know, I just hope postgresql support is not killed. I'm not to worried though, they're both open source, GPLv2 and BSD. So if sun for sum reason goes into a crazy direction with either the projects will likely branch off into new ones.

    What I really hope for is sharing between the two, They're some really cool things in postgrsql I'd like to see in mysql. But not necessarily the other way around.

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