well to defend AMD a bit here, in windows is true Intel sb+ > AMD bd by a medium margin in most apps[i mean don't be ridiculous 1:15m vs 1:45m is not a huge difference] and bit more in games.

on the other hand on linux i got in the end[after some issues with amazon] an AMD FX 6100 with a nice ASUS mobo and i have to say is a beast if you take your time to tune it[for nerds at least], i can say my old phenom II is faster in ubuntu than my bulldozer but on gentoo after carefully enable every flag known to man[graphite, pgo,lto,avx,fma4,aes-ni,etc] in my gentoo install i can say is wicked fast and is almost always faster than my old phenom II 955 in ubuntu.

software that i found behave better in BD

1.) ffmpeg/mplayer <--- the load average went down drastically with my hunger games 60gb test movie and as always totally fluid, i would say my load is maybe 10% each core tops
2.) KDE/Qt <---- i still have issues with openvg/opengl renderers but everything is freaking instant with raster, i mean in kubuntu kde is fast but in my gentoo it takes longer to click than most things to open and with heavy apps like scribus/calligra the loading time was heavily reduced but ofc not instant like smaller things like gwenview or dolphin
3.) Mesa <--- well i noticed small changes in xonotic/regnum FPS especially in heavy populated area/etc. i suppose gcc is finding some low hanging fruits here and there that help to keep the gpu a bit more busy, in gallium i noticed 1 thing loop optimization fails 99% of the time[too many nested structs]
4.) opus <--- i converted my 20 GB of music[ogg/mp3] to opus and with the optimized version i reached 90x[doesnt give time] against -O2 65x <---notice i just looked the logs and find the bigger X nothing too elaborated

so if you give BD some love is a really good processor with a nice hidden potential to exploit and is cheap, sure intel could still be faster im not saying it isn't but the distance is not that far away this way.

ill post my flags later so maybe michael can use them