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Superior you? Yeah right.
Yes. I made a little collection of some of your comments here at Phoronix:

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-The only one who will need help is yourself when I kick your sorry pathetic ass.
-Fucking moron.
-I wish I could break your fucking face.
-"applications", not "applocations", idiot.
-Anyway, sorry for saying that, I don't really wish anything bad or death to anyone, but I can't really describe how much I hate this person.
-Don't care about this idiot' nasty work. I just hope somebody kills him already.
-MurderFS or AssholeFS, who needs this crappy/bullshit FS? Nobody. -- Reiser: I hope you die and rot in prison, asshole. I also hope your children never visits you. Die already, you fucking...
-How hard is for someone to start a new forum and for people to move to that new forum? I'm sick of this Michael crap also.
-Idiot. Moron.
-Fuck off, dumb asshole.
-Sorry about overreacting and cursing...
-What a bunch of whiners.
-Who the fuck cares. Stop posting nvidia crap in this forum.
-So this asshole is investing money in a shitty file system, but he's leveraging all the hard work and development research in desktop development to Red Hat (Wayland, systemd, etc). -- What a fucking...
-STFU crybaby.
-Give us some of the money you make Michael, or I'll never troll your forums again.
-I'm the best troll here.
-fuck you douchebag
-All of you, do me a favour and STFU. -- Especially this moron (Michael and dimko).
-Fuck you asshole, you are the cunt. Go kill yourself. Asshole.
-I agree. Fuck you Michael and your shitty site.
-It's lame also that you are linking to their crap. How is this news exactly?
-Ok I'll just ignore those who insult then, apologies to those who felt offended.
-I've already apologized a number of times to the good people here for using such language.
-And when you insult people you are showing the world the piece of shit you are as a person. Fuck you. -- You are the violent psychopath here. Go fuck yourself. Asshole.
-Fuck, if anything the devs deserve to be bashed to death for being a bunch of FUCKING COWARDS who are too scared to...
-I can't believe you guys are this full of shit.
-Feel free to ban me, don't care, I'm done with this forum that is full of nvidiots like this Gusar moron.
-You fuck off.
-Nvidia: please discontinue yourself. -- Fuck off and fuck you.
-Quite spreading FUD, troll.
-Who cares.
-Fuck you.
-Fuck nvidia, and all the idiots who support them.
-Get lost yourself, idiot. -- don't need Windows, and I don't need your childish insults either. -- Fucking moron.
Your comments are consistently stupid, nonsensical and rude; You seem to have some serious aggression management problems too, not to mention that you are incapable of taking part in intelligent conversation or producing any sensible thought. You are the kind of person everyone can look down to without feeling bad; I wouldn't be suprised if that is the case in real life too.