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These days unity and compiz are like a horse and carriage. The last version of compiz has a regression when it comes to performance. There is a fix but it has not made it to the final repos yet.

The 6 month release cycle is just fine as long as people understand that stable means LTS and the others are just snapshots in the dev cycle that people could (and I mean could) use as a passable OS with various degrees of success. I like 10.04 and used it for a few years but on a separate HDD I always had one distro or another to check up on things and report bugs.
I'm running 12.04 which is an LTS and it's pretty much unusable in many ways. Just load up XBMC and you'll get a nice slideshow.

I've been hearing "fixes are coming in the next version" for six months now and I haven't seen much improvement yet TBH.

It's kind of embarrassing because Linux was supposed to be the lean and efficient version of an OS. Well I guess that was true under GNOME2 but I don't know what the hell is going on these days; it's a huge mess and I wouldn't advise any newcomers to dip their toes into this pool.