I am running Archlinux with NVIDIA Binary Driver 304.51 on a Dell XPS M1330. I have an external screen connected, as working on 24'' is better then 13''

Yesterday I discovered Freespace 2, which has a native Linux port so I downloaded and installed everything. The game runs well, EXCEPT for one thing: The game starts on the internal Display instead of the big display.

I tried different things, like switching with nvidia-settings to the external display, switching with xrandr, setting the external Display the primary one ( its the primary display implicitly, but I made sure its set ) and now I ended up playing in a big window.

As that is not the ideal solution, is anyone experiencing the same thing?

I guess the problems came when NVIDIA added partial XRandR support, as games are able to switch resolution now. Before, they simply crashed in case of a wrong resolution, which I like better in this case.