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Thread: Which CPU for an HC PC?

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    Question Which CPU for an HC PC?


    I'd like to make a HCPC but I don't know which CPU I should buy to easily run HD videos (like Bluray discs).
    I'm looking at Intel products with integrated GPU, but I don't know how many power I need.
    Sandy bridge, Ivy Bridge, even better?
    Dual Core, Quad Core?
    2.30GHz, 2.90GHz, 3.40Hz?
    I'm not searching for the most powerful but simply for the quietest though powerful enough to play any video without any quality drops.


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    The minium would be Pentium G2120 (cheapest 22nm Ivy Bridge) or when you want to get the hardware accellerated h264 ENCODER then get one of the new i3-3xxx chips. It depends if it is better to buy the standard version or the power usage (and speed) reduced variants - most likely personal taste. There will be no diff in idle mode, just the max power consumed when you compile or do something else cpu intensive. xbmc can be used with vaapi accelleration with intel chips, vlc as well. For bluray menus you still need a windows system and a much better player - or for 3d bluray support. Do not buy older Pentium/Celeron Gxxx or i3-2xxx. Those do not have got the 24000/1001 hz mode you might want when you use a tv for output.

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    Thanks a lot for these advices!

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