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What the hell is wrong with open-source dev's. Come on people now you raise concerns over using the same twitter account ? This is pathetic. It's like your are intentionally fabricating reasons to make a fork. I'm getting really sick of this hole " I don't like some tiny detail about you so I'll fork" attitude. It's like getting a divorce because your wife doesn't chew as many times as you would like.
Nobody is going to fork because of something like a message on Twitter alone (especially now that it was explained as an accident). What happened with that message is that it gave the impression that Digia was going to abuse an until now vendor neutral project channel, which of course made other vendors nervous.

BTW: although long-lasting forks seem easier to do in open source, there are a lot more of these forks in closed source software than in open source (that's why Digia wants to be able to sell commercial licenses, after all).