After messing around with overclocking on an AMD Athlon X2 3600+, I was wondering exactly how accurate the lm-sensors application is. When I first installed it, I was overclocked at about 2415MHz, which was 254MHz x 10 according to my motherboard, and at 1.400v (from 1840MHz and about 1.300v I THINK). The sensors told me that my processor temperature was only 22 degrees Celsius, which is pretty low, so I figured I had quite a bit of headroom to overclock. I pushed it just a little further, till I got to about 260MHz x 10, where it wouldn't start up.
Well, I tried to go back to a slightly lower clock speed, but now I cannot boot unless I am even lower than the speed I had before; now I am at 248 x 10 bringing me to 2381MHz and cannot go any higher. The temperature is now 24 degrees celsius, with the same apps running when I first checked the temperature.
Did I damage my processor? Is lm-sensors 100% correct? Or was I stupid and did I just overestimate how far I could overclock?