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Did you disable dGPU?
I didn't disable anything. I'm just running stock Ubuntu 12.10 here. I didn't really tried looking into it yet. Now I'm testing Catalyst 12.11 beta but it's still in a very sad state. Unfortunately I was expecting to do some gaming on Wine with this laptop as I was doing easily with my old desktop with a HD3000 discrete gfx card, but it's really not possible anymore. Look's like both Catalyst and Wine are way worst now than they were about 2 years ago. I'm trying here the same things I used to run and none work anymore, so, can't play games on Linux with my new laptop. I think it's time to give the free driver another chance. If it can just give me a smooth desktop to work on with long battery life and without burning my lap, that's good enough for now.

The sad thing is, I didn't have a dual boot and could do whatever I wanted with my Ubuntu desktop for years and now I can't. I don't use Windows for about 4 years now. It feels very awkward to go back to it just for playing the same games I used to play on Linux.