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Thread: AMD A10-5800K "Trinity" APU On Linux

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    Quote Originally Posted by wdh1974 View Post
    And if Intel makes a good APU it will cost so much cash NO ONE will buy it....once again you are throwing out the entire concept of my post, GOOD ENOUGH. And face it, if we didnt have AMD intel chips would be MUCH MORE expensive.

    I can get to work in a honda civic, or a dodge viper, both get me there, but what car is good enough for the simple task of driving to work? Money means ALOT more to folks now days, and 60fps without high end shadows or bloom lighting is GOOD ENOUGH...

    there are so many examples of this concept in our lives today...

    BUT i guess i kinda hijacked this thread ill stop posting here now.
    This is the case.

    The choice is between "honda civic" that works only on catalyst. And crashes.
    And "dodge viper" that works on opensource Intel drivers.

    I buy two dodges that work on opensource drivers as they should.

    If Intel does good discrete card that costs a lot of cash and works with opensource drivers, I buy two. I value my money.

    This isn't case expensive intel vs affordable amd.
    This is case - opensource intel works just as fast as catalyst amd, and opensource amd sucks ducks.

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    Default Your 'data' is false

    Quote Originally Posted by scottishduck View Post

    Yet more awful AMD chips. No wonder they're quitting the desktop market.
    You copied those figures from a well-known unscientific review of AMD trinity found online. They are false. First, SYSMARK and CineBench are biased tests optimized for Intel chips and that avoid advances in AMD chips. Precisely AMD, Nvidia, and VIA abandoned BABPCo because of the Intel bias

    Second, the above figures were obtained under a Windows system optimized for Intel chips. Third, the tests were run with 12.9 catalyst drivers and 1600MHz memory, which again artificially favoured Intel chips (recall that A10 has a stock memory bus of 1866MHz and runs much better with faster memory). By using improved 13.3 drivers today you can obtain about a 23% more FPS in common games with AMD Radeon...

    There are lots of biased test against AMD. Reality is other...

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    Default If I'm buying AMD Trinity..

    I will surely use windows. Not Linux.

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    I have seen people hiding the fact that they have INTEL to avoid ridicule... I know very hungry people who did buy modern 64-bit ATOMS but only can use 32 bits OSes and 2Gb memory because of the unsolved INTEL driver issues.
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