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Yes, games being open-sourced would be great, so that we can fix the bugs the developers can’t be bothered to fix themselves even though we paid them for working products. A lot of the bundle games didn’t or still don’t work on at least some linux setups, for example Fieldrunners’ sound bug hasn’t seen a fix even though the devs have been handed a fix very quickly after the game was released (unless they did release a fix but the bundle organizers “forgot” to mention it on their twitter feed). Some other games could be optimized or maybe have their shaders removed so they work on less powerful hw… And of course be ported to other platforms, and maintained to still be working 10 years from now. The possibilities would be endless.

I still bought it, but now I give everything to the EFF, until I can try the games and confirm that they actually work fine.
True, and I see your point but who do you think is going to do that? I think what would be a better choice is if the code was handed down to another independent group (kinda like Loki Software) and have them make it more compatible. That way we get the optimizations we want while the devs don't have to worry about their code being unjustly distributed and modified.