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Thread: New & Updated Linux Benchmarks

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    Default New & Updated Linux Benchmarks

    Phoronix: New & Updated Linux Benchmarks

    Pushed to over the night were several new and updated test profiles for Linux performance benchmarking...

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    Default Bug report!

    I already posted this bug report to the forums, but you didn't respond and you don't seem to have a good bug tracking system. The N-queens benchmark on x86 does not use multiple CPU cores (even thought it is expressly advertized as being a multi-threaded benchmark). I have a feeling that other architectures like ARM are using multiple CPU cores, which explained some discrepancies in benchmarking results. I have posted the bug in the forum but I have not received any responses.

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    I get that you must be swamped with work, but I wonder if there's anything missing on radeontop's side for proper PTS integration?

    It would be nice to see a stamp "CPU bound" / "GPU bound" for the tests run on radeon drivers

    (It has a dump mode, can be killed with sigterm/sigint cleanly etc. If the average GPU usage percentage is over 95% for the whole test for example, it would be gpu bound.)

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