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A very common SSD (Crucial M4) has surpassed 750 TB host write. Spread it over 10 years (3650 Days) and you'd have
to write over 200 GB (the drive itself will have either 128 or 256 GB capacity) per day every day for 10 years and it will still function.
SSDs can take a lot of shit contrary to popular belief.
What gets degraded in flash memory is the data retention time. It will "still function" in some sense almost indefinitely; the question is how long you expect it to hold on to your data. Typical specs I've seen are 10 to 25 years retention after 10,000 to 1,000,000 write cycles, depending on the technology. Of course you can push it beyond that number of writes if your data only has to persist for, say, 3 months. Rumor has it that the newest chips actually have worse numbers for this due to the smaller cell size (e.g. 10 years at 3000 write cycles), but all those datasheets seem to be under NDA so I can't verify this.