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And to say that a virtualized windows will run fast when qemu in emulation mode is used must be a joke. Not even running qemu-system-x86_64 on x86 is fast (used to emulate 64 bit systems even on 32 bit cpus).
It doesn't need to run "fast". It just needs to run at acceptable speed for some indispensable legacy x86 applications.

Don't forget that Loongson's purpose is not winning benchmarks (or fighting corporatism, for that matter). Its goal is achieving independence from foreign CPU imports.
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You can use "Debian" for your Loongson hardware and inside of Debian you can Run QEMU and inside of QEMU you can run X86 Windows with hardware accelerated "x86".
More likely than what you describe is that the x86 emulation hardware acceleration is intended for qemu-user mode.
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you can get a basic functional usable Linux desktop running on MIPS but don't expect to do much beyond basic web browsing, office work, or really anything that computers did back in the early 2000s. Even with a decent GPU with good drivers, people are still going to have to port everything.
Last I checked, almost the entire Debian archive is available on MIPS. What kind of porting do you feel is necessary?