I only wanted to point out that rather than try to catch a relatively small market segments in America and the west,(with a console) Valve could very well have its eye on a substantially larger pie. Currently, the only native OS in China that I'm aware of is a Linux Distro, so, were I Chinese, I would support the local stuff - just like as a Pennsylvanian, I drink Yuengling Lager (although I currently work, spread the Open Source Gospel, and reside in the Republic of Korea (S.Korea)).

Valve, in preparation for entering that market in a few years (guess??), might be adding Linux support if only for the reason that that market may have a significant number or Linux users by that time. Also, who knows whether or not, 5 yrs from now, the Loongson chip family wouldn't be running on the majority of Chinese Desktops? Reguardless of Loongson, the OS being used alone is the big kicker. And not just China but a lot of places in the world outside of Europe, U.S., etc, are running Linux distros and as they are newer to the computer field, Linux has a better chance to establish itself in those markets.

It was only speculation, and I certainly meant no hatred - do head crabs not consume all humans equally?