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Thread: AMD Catalyst 8.01 Linux Driver

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    Default Build fails on Fedora 8 (unpackaged file)

    Just downloaded it and tried to build it with:
    $ sh --buildpkg Fedora/F8

    All goes well except that the spec file is missing an installed package:

    RPM build errors:
    Installed (but unpackaged) file(s) found:

    Anyone have an idea how to fix this?


    Here's a little bit of progress
    1) extract the files from to a directory
    $ sh ./ --extract tmp
    $ cd tmp

    2) go to the Fedora dir in the packages dir
    $ cd packages/Fedora

    3) open ATI-fglrx.spec-tmpl with an editor, go to the section that starts with %files (line 259) and add %{_sbindir}/amdnotifyui below %{_sbindir}/atieventsd

    Now when I go to the root directory (tmp) and try ./ --buildpkg Fedora/F8 it always returns some help information instead of building the packages.

    Anyone know how to make build packages?
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