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Thread: AMD Catalyst 8.01 Linux Driver

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    Hi brigdman,

    thx for tuning in!

    Quote Originally Posted by bridgman View Post
    Are you using Compiz on the new drivers, or are you saying that 2d is slower on Cat 8.01 than on v8.40 with both drivers being used the same way ?
    I'm not using Compiz, but KDE/KWin 3.5.7. Specifically, I can observe the slowdown when moving a konsole window that has (pseudo-) transparency enabled (i.e., the screen background image under the konsole is copied with decreased luminance). When I hold my mouse cursor still for a short time, the konsole background is updated, and that's when the entire GUI freezes (with 100% CPU).

    This was not happening with an older version of the driver. I think it was 8.40, but unfortunately I can't go back.
    After doing rpm --erase for 8.452 and reinstalling 8.40 from the rpm all I get is a black screen .
    So it seems I'm stuck with slow 2d

    After rebooting twice, the behavior is back to normal - no slowdown anymore. Could this be related to the fact that I have an LCD hooked to my docking station's DVI port.

    Quote Originally Posted by bridgman View Post
    Are you using EXA or XAA acceleration ?
    I don't know. There's no such option in my xorg.conf. How can I find out?


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