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Thread: Ubuntu Prompts For Donations When Downloading

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    I use Linux as my desktop operating system, not as an enterprise system and definitely not as a server, and I have seen bugger all that Canonical has done on my setup. Now, I do use Fedora and not Ubuntu, but if you are on Ubuntu and do not see something from Red Hat you are being deliberately blind. About the only thing I can find from Canonical on my system is Simple Scan, and I prefer to use xsane anyway. Now, I do admit that this is besides the point; I am not here to bash Ubuntu, but rather to point out that Canonical is not the only game in town when it come's to the desktop.

    Your Red Hat website comparison is also not very apt, as Fedora is their desktop effort. If you compare the Fedora website to Ubuntu's you will see that they are very much targeting the same audience. Red Hat decided that their desktop variety would best be solved by handling it in a community fashion; they never abandoned it as some people claim. Fedora has been on the forefront of the Linux desktop just as much as Ubuntu has. It is of course true that Red Hat earns most of their income through the Enterprise and Server markets, but that does not mean they do not contribute to the desktop (as an aside, at this point one has to wonder where Canonical is getting any of their income).

    Keep in mind that Gnome is largely developed by Red Hat employees (which Canonical depends upon for Unity), and their developers are largely the ones that make the Linux desktop work. Just the fact that Lennart Poettering is employed by Red Hat shows that they care about the Linux desktop; like his contributions or not, he has always worked to try and make the Linux desktop "just work". PulseAudio was not created for Servers or the Enterprise. It was created for the wider desktop in general.

    Most of your examples are purely marketing, and yes that can be important, but to praise Canonical and then say Red Hat never targets "regular desktop users" just because they are not hyping themselves to them seems very shallow and superficial. Like it or not, in recent times Red Hat has been the ones innovating the Linux desktop technically, and most of the other distros are following their example in some way or another. And through Fedora they have been trying to reach the desktop market.

    And, well, I guess the One Laptop per Child does count as marketing. So they even have done some of that.

    Again, I am not necessarily casting off Canonical's role. I just want you to stop casting of Red Hat's.
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