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Thread: E17 Does A Desktop Shootout, The Winner Is....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hamish Wilson View Post
    The LXDE website is not dead (I suggest you check it again); the last new blog post was on September 24th.
    Yes, its up, very nice! Thanks for info. Because it was only to be found on google cache just two months ago.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hamish Wilson View Post
    The session manager is not broken from my experience, and everything else is just personal opinion.
    Thats not a "personal opinion" if you can't save sessions (and autorestore them).
    Thats about the one of two single issues I had with LXDE and the critical one, because it prevents usage for a newbie user on one of the linux machines I had to assemble.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hamish Wilson View Post
    PCManFM is definitely much better than Thunar at the moment.
    I would call draw, because you can't get properties of multiple selected objects in Thunar, and Thunar itself seems to use single multex or similar - meaning if copying large files over NFS it would freeze all instances including desktop, due to Linux large mempage defrag bug.
    On LXDE list of "features" you get very awkward method for adding a link to desktop without ability to drag-n-drop(medium) or editing its main menu(minor).

    Quote Originally Posted by Hamish Wilson View Post
    I was just commenting about how I was using bugger all memory, but anyway...
    And considering the accuracy of some of your posts here, I do not think I am going to worry about it.
    Sorry, I am not an engineer. The test was done on P4 class machine with 512MiB of RAM with 6200 IGP(if I remember correctly, noveau ofc) under Lubuntu and Xubuntu 32bit correspondingly.
    In one of the screenshots here there is XFCE doing 206MiB on Fedora, so if its 64bit system that would match my results precisely.

    Regarding browsers, I opened and google in chromium and firefox (13?) and let it stay for 3 hours. After an hour chromium has forced paging to happen by going beyond 400MiB memory usage for unknown reasons. I was unable to find any solution to limit its memory caching appetite and decided it were simply memleaks similar to Firefox 2.0 era.
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