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Thread: AMD Radeon HD 7660D On Linux

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    Er... AMD Radeon HD 7660D is a GPU, you don't compile a kernel on it... maybe some other 3D application test will be interesting, but games are the most used i think

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    Quote Originally Posted by devius View Post
    This test was with fglrx.
    I know, but the article said that r600g was attempted but wouldn't work.

    Quote Originally Posted by phoronix
    Attempting to benchmark the new Trinity APU graphics was attempted on the open-source Radeon Gallium3D stack too using the very latest components, but it was an unstable and troubling experience. When there's time for things to settle a bit more, the Radeon HD 7660D will be re-attempted to run with the open-source OpenGL stack.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chithanh View Post
    There was an entire Phoronix article dedicated to the topic:
    That only makes it even more silly that I don't know what he's benching.

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