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Thread: Linux Foundation Comes Up With SecureBoot Plan

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    Quote Originally Posted by schmidtbag View Post

    Because PS3 is a gaming console (oh sorry, I mean "entertainment system") and Macs are technically PCs, even back when they used the PPC processors. As I was saying before, a device made for a specific purpose is a little different because you're not supposed to personalize it the way you want, you're supposed to use it for what it's advertised for.
    Oh man, who is this who says to me that I am allowed to do with stuff I buy only what I am supposed to do? Does that happen in America or in USSR?

    If you lend me a phone I can do with it what you suppose me to do with it. But if I buy a phone, I am really supposed to do with it what I want.

    Edit: Someone tell me that he was just joking xD or that he was a patent troll from Sony xD

    I think that if a company says that if you buy this product you are only allowed and supposed to use it as "advertised" then I think that I can say to them that when you take this monopoly money you are supposed to think and behave like it would be real money.
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