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Thread: Linux Developers Still Reject NVIDIA Using DMA-BUF

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    Quote Originally Posted by boast View Post
    ricer gamers? ricer machines? Yes, we know PC gaming is big in Korea and Japan, but is the racism really needed?
    Let that joker rant all he wants.

    Apparently he's so stuck in his little fantasy world of 'just enough' that he doesn not even know what the REAL gamers and enthusiasts over in Windows land are doing.

    Y'know, the real fun things like water cooling, vBIOS moding/flashing, GPU core overclocking, CPU overclocking, memory clock modifications, etc etc just so that they can squeeze out an additional 10fps to run their games on Ultra settings, 16x MSAA, AA features, PhyX enabled, with advanced DX 11 enhancements such as tesselation and so on on a 5-monitor setup for the sheer experience that the game is capable of offering.

    Things that Linux will never ever get to see, period, because everybody there is only interested in playing their games at 1024 x 768 with a shoddy driver delivering only 50fps at Low settings with every enhancement turned off.

    Nouveau surpassing Nvidia's blob in performance? another 20 years perhaps.
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