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That's sad and doesn't make the decision less dumb . Thanks to the dev's for NOT taking care about end users ! If their intention was
to keep people with optimus laptops away from Linux, well done guys ! We surely will not see the "year of the linux desktop"anytime soon with this attitude.
Direct that attitude towards NVidia instead, they are the ones who are not providing drivers, nor the information necessary for supporting the hardware through open source drivers, despite actually being the ones who get money for this _hardware_.

Also there is NOTHING preventing them from implementing the necessary functionality for optimus right in their own proprietary driver, which is what they've been doing all along for all the other functionality marked as EXPORT_SYMBOL_GPL. Bottom line is that they are not really interested in supporting optimus for Linux, as they are not really interested in the Linux end user desktop. If they were we'd already have the driver, which is the case with the other proprietary drivers they already supply for their corporate Linux customers (the ones they actually give a shit about).

This is nothing but NVidia again 'testing the waters' and perhaps trying to cause some controversy because they are a bit pissed due to the 'Fuck you NVidia!' statement from Linus which went viral. It's not as if they really expected a positive reaction, several copyright holders in the targeted areas already expressed their objections before as this is the second time around.

I'm so glad NVidia's discrete gpu's are a dying breed on the desktop, this goes beyond Linux since there are other operating systems out there which I find very interesting and they don't have a prayer of ever being deemed worthy of NVidia's proprietary efforts. Proprietary drivers are nothing but a goddamn pain in the ass which prevent you from using the hardware you've bought in the settings you so choose.

Thankfully due to the kernel devs hard stance and the great work of developers doing reverse engineering the proprietary drivers are near obsolete on Linux, meaning that we have a ton of hardware which runs straight-out-of-the box not only on x86 but on lots of other architectures that NVidia themselves would never see fit to support.