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I really do wish the noise level could be lower... there are days when I wonder if the internet is actually making people better informed or just providing reinforcement to people's pre-existing biases and beliefs. In theory everyone should be more knowledgeable and better understand the nuances of the business, but if anything there seems to be more polarizing and more zealotry every year.

What the use the internet for depends on the person in my opinion more than the internet.

"zealot zealots"

Yo dawg, I heard you like zealots ..

I follow phoronix and forums closely some time now, so I know that work is being done on many ends, but quick results are probably not to be expected or I might be disappointed(pleasant surprises are always welcome though).

Regarding openness, my graphics working right is the first priority for me actually, I won't get into "holy wars" about it. But at least of the big companies(maybe there are smaller I don't know much about and are different), non is truly open, neither did I expec them to be, some parts are though in cases. It's kinda natural as things work now.
I just don't like reading people who claim that their pc works perfect(or better than mine) cause it can do stuff like boot in an open way. 0_o **
(^bad metaphor)
So I reply .. And it results in reading more of it ..(logic) X_x

I guess I already know what these forums here are like, but since I write anyway, what come is a bit expected sometimes.

Good luck with your work as always. Now please let us continue the trolling etc ..