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Thread: Btrfs-Progs Sees A Pile Of New Changes

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    Default Btrfs-Progs Sees A Pile Of New Changes

    Phoronix: Btrfs-Progs Sees A Pile Of New Changes

    Btrfs-progs, the user-space utilities to the Btrfs file-system, has seen a number of improvements in recent days that provide new features...

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    Thanks for info!

    Michael, as an idea of another benchmark:


    The idea is to perform a variety read-write test on 10+Gb partition, linear, random,.. 500 full-partition ops would be sufficient.
    Then to test how BTRFS works when cutting power to it at different benchmarks (can be done in VM as well).

    The pro, is that it should be attractive article.
    The contra, is that PTS does not support this kind of "reliability" testing in an automated way, AFAIK.

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