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Thread: One Week To LinuxDays In Prague

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    Default One Week To LinuxDays In Prague

    Phoronix: One Week To LinuxDays In Prague

    Coming up next weekend is the first-ever LinuxDays event in Prague, which will happen alongside a Gentoo mini-conference, an openSUSE conference, and the SUSE Labs conference...

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    in front of my box :p


    I sense an opportunity for Michael to drink a lot of Czech/Slovak beer.
    Isn't that far from my home, but I don't know if I can make it there already next weekend. Damn RL schedule and financial shortcomings (current gasoline prices here in Germany = ouch)
    But it sounds definitely good, especially with the added Gentoo conf and also SuSE being there.

    And the Chameleon offer sounds attractive. Damn.

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