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Thread: Intel's Linux Driver Continues To Be Most Popular

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    Well ivy bridge hd 4000 can run doom3 at full hd on linux (at least for single player it is fast enough), many other (simpler) games as well. However the drivers lack support for newer glsl levels so that games like rage do not run via wine. I would not expect that a gamer runs intel gfx on a desktop - but maybe he has got a laptop. It is definitely enough for some games but certainly not for new blockbuster titles which run on win only. But even there it is a bit slower than amd trinity chips. Interestingly speed did not improve much when going from mesa 8.0.4 to 9.0 - opengl 3 was advertised but doom3 for example did not run faster - using lower detail settings than ultra even show a rendering error.

    Desktop users can easly buy a dedicated card - preferred nvidia - and play the games they miss, just laptop users have to wait...
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