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So you play your games on 5000 FPS?
That is a number, to show that I am not interested in sacrificing performance after 0.2ms. I know some people would want to go lower, and talk about 5uS latency. That is not what this is about.

At 0.2ms things are pretty much virtually hardware. Things feel as responsive as a vintage Amiga 500, and then you have that whole crowd. And that low-jitterlevels inspired a generation of multimedia artists, we really don`t see today. Whenever someone nostalgically mentions Amiga, it is mostly because it is a low-jitter machine. Non-interrupted animations, instant sound when key pressed. That pretty much raises the overall computing experience, to where quality software is more likely to happen. And I do believe that is why that happened on Amiga.

Ofcourse also arcade-machines without jitter, might be more a comparison today. For instance Virtuafighther etc. Well it`s been a long time ago since I played arcades, but Doom 3 feels more like a hardware arcade, than any dull highlevel-PC. Which also means that highlevel-programming has reached the point of virtually being similar to assembly-coded hardware, which I also find to be an interesting point.

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