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Rigaldo I have nothing but love for elementary, I have been downloading and using the daily isos from that italian site for ages now.

You are absolutely right about the pantheon or whatever they call that DE being the best one available on linux, it's fast, it's beautiful and it's very functional.

It's smart and well designed...

now their decision to create a bunch of new apps from the ground up, like noise (correct me if I'm wrong), will delay their release ad nauseam

As far as I know the daily isos work but they are not even alpha, are they?

meaning they have at least 4/6 months before they release a final version, so for all intents and purposes they will release a ubuntu 12.04 based distro with kernel 3.2 when most likely ubuntu 13.04 will be available, they will be one year behind the curve.

when you think about it linux users care more about stuff like having an updated system and security than pretty DE's, and I doubt there will be mac or win users switching over to elementary because it looks good.

IMO they should have released pantheon as a standalone DE for the major distros and with pantheon and cinnamon gnome and kde would finally take the lower stage
Yes, well I did also say that I agree on the kernel part, right?
It might have hardware compatibility issues, but still would not be common.
I wouldn't say the best DE yet, but they have a lot of potential, and their window manager shows promise too(no sluggish but smooth effects, even though no wayland yet).I'd like to inform you that their PPAs are available for Ubuntu 12.10 already.
They're in alpha stage now and say they're very close to beta. I trust they'll release it this year.
After first FINISHED version is out, adoption is very likely to grow. And just imagine Ubuntu with it as default.
Well, it does have a couple bugs, although most if not all are actually fglrx bugs in my case , in some cases manifesting in a more apparent way(youtube videos with hardware accelerated rendering only show black on fullscreen. Under any circumstances though, anything hardware accelerated and fullscreen on fglrx, seems to show bugs/glitchiness, heck, even with openbox ).
Or mint, though that's probably more unlikely than Ubuntu. It's one I believe has potential in becoming mainstream. Only one feature missing .. WOBBLY WINDOWS!! And burning windows when you close them maybe .. :roll eyes:
And actually, I believe that the system working well and being easy to work with, is bait more important to many than being updated. But more updated would be cool. I'm certain they'll at least have PPAs for every newer version, I mean they do have PPAs for 12.10(not officially released yet) some time now. The theme was a lil bit buggy with the new gtk etc though ...
I wish those guys good luck, their approach on some thing is very good in my opinion, and "release when ready" is also very good. In the end, adding the updated kernel shouldn't be too hard though. Maybe they can do it for newer ISOs or something, so none is forced to upgrade and cripple closed drivers, in case they use them.

Hope it comes to Fedora soon as well.