"the website of fedora looks very corperative, very company-biased"

maybe because it is? and who gives a fuck... I tell you what I much rather have a company like red hat be open about their agenda "we are giving you fedora so you will use it and test it so then we can port shit over to our money maker: rhel" than a company like canonical trying to monetize their system by making it phone home to amazon and shit like that.

I'm no expert in linux but in the last couple months I tested every distro under the sun, from mint to arch. I have settled with fedora because it's plain to see it's the superior one.

Now I don't hate gnome but I also don't like it that much, kde and xfce look like they were made by kids with crayons, lxde is fast and functional but looks like ass... I do wish in fedora 18 they would steal lubuntu's 12.10 theme because they managed to make lxde look pro, that and a software center would also bring monkeys like me to the dozens to fedora.