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Thread: System lockup with catalyst 8.01

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    Do you have an AGP based Radeon HD2x00 card, Zlatan?
    What you describe seems common behaviour with fglrx right now, there have been many reports (including regarding my own Radeon HD2600XT AGP on a VIA K8T800Pro motherboard) that the current fglrx driver doesn't work for HD2x00-based AGP cards, at least not on many common VIA motherboard chipsets.
    My system freezes, with a black screen for most incarnations of the fglrx driver, or with a partially drawn Ubuntu Gutsy 7.10 (64-bit) GDM login screen for version 8.433. Disabling direct rendering sometimes makes the driver work but slower than the open-source non-accelerated radeonhd driver which is what I'm currently using.
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