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Thread: Switch user freezes system

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    Default Switch user freezes system

    running ubuntu 8.04, ati catalyst 8.5 and have a 3650 ati card.
    switch user hangs up the system.
    It's not related to commpiz as even disabling it gives the same error

    i've posted in very possible place, but not getting any further.
    any idea on how to solve this

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    First, make sure that /etc/ati/ points to the correct location of X's magic cookie(/var/run/xauth), as detailed on these pages:

    Second, if that doesn't work, you can try disabling atieventsd entirely(run sudo /usr/sbin/update-rc.d -f atieventsd remove or try an app like sysv-rc-conf), with the caveat that power and fan speed management will no longer function (the card will run with full power and fan speed at all times).

    Third: Wait around for AMD to produce a driver that isn't quite so defective. Or for the radeonHD driver to progress a bit. If you find a solution, I implore you to please post it here (I have the same issue with my HD3650).

    You might find some nuggets of wisdom in this thread or this thread, but perhaps not. My fingers are crossed for you.

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    First of all thanks for answering.

    I tried all the following:

    setting restartserver to true in gdm.conf
    changing path in linux/restricted module
    setting composite to disable
    applied patch recommended by 1 user
    disabling ati notification
    disabling compiz

    so far nothing has worked.

    Im going to give it a fresh try on 64bit version and will post result tomorrow.

    Im pretty amazed that such a critical bug is not being treated with more urgency

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