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it's a joke of an OS because of X.org and pulseaudio. Also because you need to add PPA to get the latest apps. also because of lack of itunes and office.
Much the same way Windows8 is a joke of an OS because it lacks iPhoto and Garage Band. In reality you can run most of MS Office suite on Linux, you just shouldn't. And Banshee has support for iDevices, or so I hear. Wouldn't touch them with a barge pole myself, but there you go.

I'm with you on pulseaudio and the entire Unix/Linux graphics stack train wreck though. There's a reason every modern desktop OS (by that I mean designed since early 80s) eschews network transparency and the window manager architecture. It was great for thin client terminals in the age of ye olde 10base2, but has to be hacked around with all sorts of barely working extensions to support functionality people demand from a desktop (e.g., full screen or windowed 1080p video with no tearing at the same time as 3d applications are running while compositing UI).

Pulse likewise has the wrong goals. I can count the times I've wanted to easily play a movie soundtrack on some remote machine instead of the one I'm using on the toes of one hand. Low latency and minimal resource use is something I look for every time.

Good news is Wayland will drag the Linux graphics stack into this millenium kicking and screaming, and it's possible to replace pulseaudio with alsa without too much pain.