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Thread: Bickering Continues About NVIDIA Using DMA-BUF

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    Quote Originally Posted by RCL_ View Post
    NVidia is the only graphics vendor who puts so much effort in bringing proper drivers to the platform. I don't know their reasons, though - perhaps Linux is still being used for content creation somewhere in CAD industry which had relied on Unix since SGI times, and they have to support that. Either way, without NVidia, Linux gaming is stillborn. Linux as a desktop OS will be dead for me as well. Probably I'm a minority though... Maybe I need to create an online petition asking Alan Cox to stop blocking proper NVidia Linux drivers (binary or not) to gather more support...

    Linux kernel devs need to get pragmatic - the IT industry is no more Wild West it used to be. CPUs with open documentation are becoming thing of the past and soon you'll need to sign an NDA to get CPU docs, because CPU will be integrated with GPUs. R&D is more and more expensive and technology needs to be guarded from competition by all means necessary (lawsuits being the most reliable), opensourcing it just because a bunch of hobbyists wants to be able to tinker with that is not a smart move as competition will get your costly research for free...

    And as much as I hate that situation (being hobbyist myself), I kind of agree with that... This is the natural path followed by established industries (ever tried to get Coca-Cola open-source its recipe? And are you taking only "open-source" medicines?) so I predict IT to become the same as it matures. GPL hinders progress by effectively eliminating competition between "licensees" who are forced to act as if they had a single goal, and thus it is counter-innovative. Either you need exceptions from it or you are following the HURD path to obscurity.
    Coca cola exposed recipe in 1970.
    I am taking ONLY open source medicine. Because, I am not an idiot.
    The newer hardware is opensource (ARM, Loongson).
    The open drivers are progressing very good.
    We see rise in open technology (OpenMP, 0MQ, HTML5) and decline of the proprietary.
    Recent lawsuits are not due to NDAs, but due to patents. Patents are all "open-source" in patent registry.
    Its Linux that made a revolution in mobile and ebook market.
    Its BSD who was rightfully mis-used to create MacOSX from ashes.
    HURD still recieves attention, but its was developed at slow rate since its start; mainly because Linux was THE kernel for GNU from version 0.1 and saw major development.

    Intel currently lacks raw GPU power and has no plans to go past mid-range chip (if we believe them). Otherwise, 99% of Linux users would be using Intel. Not 50% as of now.
    For those using Windows, I don't care. They have different viewpoints.

    But open technology is on the rise, definitely not on decline.
    For example, the Windows clone-OS ReactOS is on serious decline, due almost no one to use it. These people use either Linux now or returned to windows. This only proves that open technology has proven itself and is not cloning anyone, but living on its own now.
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