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Had I the choice of having a free BIOS, I would have a open source BIOS instead...
there are systems that are patchable with coreboot. the asrock version of zacate board e350 one as example. Then you think that the today linuxkernel or ubuntu or stuff is free software purely thats not true.

you see not only ubuntu is not in there but also not debian or fedora. for me thats the distributions thats fit my freedomness-feeling, so to make small compromisses but at least have a clear goal to go the right way. So that I mean in this world if you go completly consequent you end in a hole in the earth and have no pc or other stuff and eat like some nuts and berries from the forest or something. you have to make compromisses but I think its more important to make way less compromisses like most others do, who dont care about freedom and other stuff at all... when they come closer to your views you can go a step further maybe because it gets easier and the gap becomes smaller.