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Thread: Bickering Continues About NVIDIA Using DMA-BUF

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnc View Post
    I haven't criticized the upgrade path.

    In the one example I gave I was referring to a fresh install of 12.10.
    ok I think that with the blackscreen with the driver was your main point... yes here canonical should test it, and if it would not work just dont give you the option... but I think in this case it would work for some users but not all... so its hard to say... but apart from giving you the option of installing the driver or not... I see the main problem, in that you have such problems in the first place... that you install some versions of the driver and they install but just dont work with the newest xserver version. And thats very more likely to happen with a closed source driver than a free driver... normaly (yes there are some exceptions) you should at least get some basic functionality even if you install a non-final kernel a rc a beta or whatever... and most likely it works perfectly with each kernel/xserver version... and thats a problem with the business modell a company exclusivly tries to keep up with several companies and individuals that change develop the xserver and the kernel... basicly this blackscreen problems... would be even more often happen or they even could not over a driver at all if they would not implement half of a own xserver-stack by themself... so I say always if you install a nvidia driver you basicly not use a linux/xserver anymore its a bit like talking about linux when you use android... not that extreme but it goes in this direction...

    Nvidia basicly says... we want to make our driver closed source... and if we had to replace anything but the linux kernel by our verisons we would do so...

    I think at some point they would even risk to loose some customers and only support a bsd unix instead of linux so they can continue closed source only...

    but to get a compromise...

    just lets say Canonical sucks AND Nvidia sucks... and linux + gnu + other opensource/free software rocks or GNU/Linux rocks... so I give you that, that ubuntu kind of sucks... but I have other reasons to say that... I say that because they switched away from the gnome-main-gui and made their own... and other decitions only made to make money instead of pushing free software/opensource...

    Sadly I dont see good alternatives... maybe fedora... but this late fedora 18 if it comes... will deliver than a very old verison of gnome-shell I guess not the 3.8 but the 3.6 version... and the "unstable" version whats it called rawhide is not always usable... and I dont think that arch linux is good enough I run into many problems with the user-created packages... and I dont like the installer tools gentoos emerge was maybe slower but better tools...

    I dont like mint either because they also crippeld gnoem-shell I want a very vanilla experince... so its a bit hard now... but ok thats another topic which distro is good now ^^ fedora could be a good replacement for ubuntu if they would become again able to release timebased releases ^^

    debian sucks for some new stuff even unstable or experimental has not full gnome-shell 3.6 packages ^^
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