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If the free drivers and mesa could catch up then who cares about the blob?
I agree, but the free drivers kind of rely on reverse engineering the closed ones here and there ..
So it would be tough without the blobs anyway.
Maybe NVIDIA can opensource parts of their driver. But cursing them won't help in any way.

And they say that in any fight, not one person is to blame.

Maybe make this proposal to them and see if it can work for example:

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They can use the entire MESA, Intel's work and LLVM with a proper and full back-end, and create very easy, an Open Driver with 70-90% the performance of the Closed one. Then they can use the latest OGL4 work as a Closed Extension Driver for the Open one. When we say Extension Driver we mean only Shader Compilers, FX and Programs for the Rasterizer(synthesizer), not any Driver Functionality like memory management, that should be Open.
That would be great if it happened I guess ...(quote from artivision obviously)
Don't if there is any kind of contraints though not taken into account.
Cursing them still won't help them do it ..