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Yeap, the only vendor giving performance and feature(minus optimus) parity for Linux is totally a Linux enemy.
you are wrong and its simple why: Linux not not only a kernel its a idea a idea of a open and free way to do stuff and not only open and free also in the meaning of the GPL force the people to stay free in the future and not sell there freedom like BSD.

This means your point and argument "Performance" and "Features" is invalid because this has nothing to do with the Idea of "Linux".

Linux don't want to be the most performanced and most featured OS in the world linux want do be a open and free OS who protects the people to not sell there freedom in the GPL way of meaning.

So you are complete wrong.

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Yeah, I disagree with their corporatism, but most companies act like that, doesn't make them enemies to everyone.
in your words beeing a NAZI is ok if you are a software company?

Corporatism=the economic system of the nazis.

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For example, I can't know what a Coca Cola contains before drinking it. Wanna bitch about that too?
hell yes its against the law in europe to not write what is in it on the bottle.

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I don't agree with violating the GPL, no, I don't agree that preventing them from giving Optimus support or wishing them death will have a totally positive result either though.
the people should just stop calling to break the law nvidia has no right to hurt the GPL end of storry...
oooo ..... noooo its not the end of storry its the start of the nvidia fanboy propaganda...

in the end they will hire some murderers and will kill the GPL/kernel people just to make sure the coporatism-Nazi system works.

the nazis did the same if words don't force people weapons and GAS in concentration camps will do.

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Especially the later won't make the open drivers any better. Maybe worse?
It seems I'll start seeing the same stuff written here that I hear from some damn blinded communists now. 0_o
you talk about damn blinded communists but Nazis (Corporatism) are ok ?
really call a doctor and check your brain about this.

or maybe the concentration camp GAS already hurt your brain? maybe you need help ?